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SABRINA FINUCANE: "The medical field is interested in treating disease. I'm interested in building health." - Dr. Forrest Shaklee
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Think Fast. Stay Sharp.

Have you ever experienced a "senior moment" – a time when a specific word or name or the location of your car keys seems just out of reach? We have shared that frustration in the past, so we definitely know how it feels.

Have you noticed these incidents becoming more frequent as you've gotten older? It's a common experience, but not one we have to live with anymore! We are very pleased to tell you about a great new product from Shaklee that does a wonderful job of addressing this issue that we all eventually face.

Introducing MindWorks™

Shaklee has explored how specific nutritional ingredients can play a role in reducing age-related "cognitive decline" – our tendancy to forget things because our neurons naturally begin losing connections beginning around age 20. Here's a short video that helps explain how this comes about:


To learn more about the science behind MindWorks, click here.

Think fast. Stay sharp. TODAY.

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